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A demo of my nonlinear adventure game in development, Gearend.

Gearend is a small 2D non-linear action-platforming exploration game. Taking classic retro games as a base, it sports an updated, modern look, feel, and sound.

You take control a small robot named Epsilon-98, or "Eps", as you explore an abandoned robotics research facility. Having been awoken by external forces, Eps sets out to find out just who has awakened him, and determine what has happened to the facility and its inhabitants.

Throughout the game, you find capsules, containing spare robot parts. These spare parts upgrade your capabilities, enabling you to slash, dash, shoot, block, fly, and more as you explore the dilapidated remains of an advanced robotics research facility. You also will also find other friendly robots who may help you in your journey.

If you like the way the game looks or plays, keep an ear out for release coming soon. If you wanna be super cool, you could throw me a buck or two for the demo, too, haha. I'm also on Patreon, in case you want to do more of a permanent thing:


System Requirements:

Windows 7 64-bit, OSX 10.9 Mavericks, or Linux desktop supporting glibc v2.5 or higher


An OpenGL ES 2.0-compatible graphics card

A 64-bit OS (play on a 32-bit OS should also be possible assuming you run the JAR with your version of Java 8 installed; there's a packaged script (Gearend32) for Windows and Linux that should do this for you)

~100 MB free space


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gearend-demo-windows-demo.zip 76 MB
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gearend-demo-osx-demo.zip 77 MB