On the OSX Port and Steam


It's been a little while since my last post here - sorry about that!

I've been investigating the performance issues present on OSX, and I figured it'd be good to talk about what's going on. To get to the bottom of things, the OSX version of the game isn't performing well. I thought it might have just been my testing device, but I don't think that's the case - I think there's a fundamental difference between the way the game handles rendering, specifically, on Windows or Linux, and how it works on OSX.

I've been looking into reasons why this could be the case, but I haven't found anything that addresses the fundamental framerate issues. So, just for now, I'm going to take down the OSX version of the game. If you purchased the game for Mac support, I apologize, and I will refund you as soon as I can. Just go through the standard procedure through Itch here.

I haven't given up on the OSX version, of course - I just don't have a machine to develop and test on at the moment, and don't have the funds to purchase one (and, of course, also don't have the funds to pay someone to look into the issue for me). So, I'll wait until I can get a hold of a desktop or laptop Mac, and then look into the issue.

Beyond that, Steam release should be approaching. I believe this is the last real issue that remains that kept me from launching on Steam, so that's the next step. After that is getting the word out, and, of course, the Mac port. I'll also continue updating the game in the upcoming few days to continue resolving quality-of-life issues.

Thanks for sticking with me after so much time - making a game is no picnic, and I value all of your inputs and suggestions. Thanks so much.

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Aha, I'll be looking forward to this game once it's featured on Steam :)

Please please please include or add Steam Achievements for the Steam release....<3

That's something I was just thinking not too long ago, actually, haha.  I'll continue to muse over it. Not sure if I do want to add any, and if so, how many.

I would say around 24 or 30 is a good number, of course the more the better. Personally I'm not a fan of Speedrun achievements, you know the ones that require you to beat the game in X amount of time, and I've come across many other steam users who shared my dislike of Speedrun achievements. I've always enjoyed taking my time to fully explore a game and not rushing through it, although I know there are some people who do enjoy speedrunning. Either way the addition of Steam Achievements will give you access to a lot of steam users who will only buy games that have Steam Achievements, which is quite common, and considering how awesome your game looks the addition of achievements will only enhance the experience and encourage steam users to buy the game...thanks in advance for you time, keep up the great work and good luck ;-)