Alpha 7.2 Update

Hello! Here's a quick update with some minor fixes that I wanted to get out since a couple of bugs were a bit heavy:

  • QoL: Adding jump button next to pages in hierarchy view.
  • QoL: Orphaned page names are now darker than normal page names.
  • FIX: Cards are now again placed in the center of the screen if the option to place new cards in a stack is disabled.
  • FIX: When cards automatically resize when typing text, other cards that move to make room now properly are moved when undoing / redoing.
  • FIX: Exporting now only exports pages that have not been deleted.
  • FIX: Menu to go up from a sub-page now appears again if opening a project from within a subpage (specifically, the last subpage in the project).
  • FIX: If a page has no accessible path to the route, it is now considered deleted (if in a normal project) or orphaned (if in a project that already contains orphaned pages).

 Note: When loading a project with orphaned pages, deleted / inaccessible pages will show up in the Hierarchy view as "orphans" - this allows you to get at their contents. When saving a project with orphan pages, as long as they have no contents, they will be deleted. The change here is that if a project has no orphans, deleted pages will not be accessible from the hierarchy.


That's it; thanks a lot for your support and patience!

- SolarLune

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