I'm really surprised and happy to see so many people are a fan of MasterPlan! I wasn't sure how popular it would be, but I'm glad to see people are well-receiving the program and are also understanding about the program being in alpha status. I greatly appreciate your patience. 

As for me, I was sick over the past week, so I wasn't really able to do much work. Today, however, I managed to get some work done and update MasterPlan to v0.1.1. This version update means it's a pretty minor bugfix version, but there are also a few nice features in here as well. Here's a quick changelog:

  • You can now double-click blank space on the board to create a new Task.
  • New tasks now start off focusing on the description for text-related Tasks, or the filepath for Sound and Image tasks.
  • Creating a Task of whatever type will make the next new Task default to that same Type. This makes it easier to, say, create several Notes, Images, or Sounds in a row.
  • Images now default to being locked to their aspect ratio, and you now hold Alt to stretch an Image to whatever size you want.
  • Fix: MasterPlan no longer drops frames horribly when opening the context menu with right-click. Turns out reading the system clipboard is a rather heavy function call and shouldn't be done constantly. Whoops.
  • The Mac version of MasterPlan should now be a full .app, not just an executable. I still need to add the icon in.
  • Resampling higher or lower-quality sound files should sound better. (... Should.)
  • The event log is now more legible.
  • Raylib, the underlying framework powering MasterPlan, doesn't print as much information to the console as before - now it should just give errors.

This is a good start, and I'd love to keep going with this. Thanks to my followers and people who have contributed on Github - I really appreciate their efforts.


masterplan-bin/linux_amd64.zip 9 MB
Version 9 Jan 18, 2020
masterplan-bin/mac_amd64.zip 9 MB
Version 7 Jan 18, 2020
masterplan-bin/windows_amd64.zip 9 MB
Version 7 Jan 18, 2020

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