v0.2.2 - Bugfixes and QoL improvements

Whoa, a new version! Nice!

This is mainly just bugfixes and a couple of QoL things, though. Let's go over them really quickly.


There's a new Open Recent menu, which makes it easier to have multiple plans and switch between them from within the program, which is nice. Also, images now lock to a grid when scaling - to disable this, hold shift while dragging their size. This is a nice feature that makes it easier to align and position images on your plan.


There's also now a shortcut (F11) and context menu option to take a screenshot. Screenshots taken through MasterPlan won't have the GUI elements visible, which means you can use MasterPlan for positioning images to make graphic collages or wallpapers easily, which is nice. Those are the main big-ish changes, so we'll skip into the changelog from here.


Below is a detailed changelog, which is also packaged with MasterPlan.

  • Images now lock to a grid when scaling - to disable this, hold shift while dragging their size.
  • Adding an "Open Recent" menu to the right-click context menu.
  • Adding option to disable Task Outlines.
  • Making Open Recent menu have an option stating no recent plans have been opened if that's the case, rather than being blank.
  • MP can now take screenshots without the GUI using the F11 shortcut or the Screenshot context menu option.
  • Projects now save which Board is active.
  • Adding 3D shadow type.
  • Lengthening smooth shadow slightly.
  • Filtering images using anisotropic filtering for clearer zooming.
  • Program settings file is now called "masterplan-settings.json".
  • Updating a few themes to update shadow color.
  • Fix: Can't select the task below the top-most Task on the Board using the keyboard.
  • Fix: Settings is always saved next to the MasterPlan executable.
  • Fix: Autoloading last plan wasn't being loaded properly.
  • Fix: Numbering sequence was broken across all Boards except the first one. 
  • Fix: Auto-load checkbox not properly loaded on running MasterPlan.
  • Fix: All Tasks update now. Before it was just the ones on the current Board. This fixes timers and sounds not playing when switching Boards.
  • Fix: Stopping all playing sounds works across all Boards.
  • Fix: Searching for a Task switches to the Board it resides on.
  • Fix: Boards are now numbered starting from 1, rather than 0.


Welp, that's it. Thanks for reading!


masterplan-bin/linux_amd64.zip 9 MB
Version 14 Mar 18, 2020
masterplan-bin/mac_amd64.zip 9 MB
Version 12 Mar 18, 2020
masterplan-bin/windows_amd64.zip 9 MB
Version 12 Mar 18, 2020

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