v0.3.1 - X Marks the Spot


It's been about a month, and in that time, I've been steadily working on improving MasterPlan. Hurrah! 

Let's run through the big stuff, and after that is the general changelog, covering these and smaller fixes and improvements.


Help Manual

I've finally gotten around to adding a help manual to MasterPlan. It comes in the form of a plan itself! You can walk through it to learn the different features of MasterPlan. It's not wholly complete yet, but it covers most of the big points. To access it, simply right-click anywhere and select the option for "Manual".

Line Tasks

Line Tasks have been added, allowing you to point from one Task to another. Line arrowheads will automatically point to another Task if they're touching; otherwise, they'll point away from the base to the head.

You can add new arrow heads by copying and pasting them - they'll automatically go from the base to the end.

Project Locks

Projects can now be locked, disallowing changes. To use it, you simply enable it in the project settings, and then save. After that, you may no longer save the project without turning off the lock - you'll see an "ENGAGED" indicator at the top-right when the lock is engaged. You can still use plan as usual, though. 

It's not meant to be password-protected currently (though that might be a good option if feasible); it's more-so meant to ensure a project isn't altered without your intention (or a means to ensure I can ship plans that aren't easily altered by the end-user).

Abandon Confirmation

When editing MasterPlan, you'll see an asterisk (*) in the title bar and a "MODIFIED" heading at the top-right if the project was altered since the last time the project was saved. If you try to load a different project or create a new project while in this state, MasterPlan will now ask if you wish to abandon your changes. I haven't added this to the quit prompt (partially because I'm unsure if it's entirely possible to do for quitting with the framework I'm using), but that would be a nice feature to add as well.

Sub-task Bracketing

This is more minor, but kind of important - I added a visual highlighting for parent Tasks that rely on Sub-Tasks for completion. Note the white lines tying together the first Task with its Sub-Tasks on their left side - these lines can be useful to "bracket" connected and relevant Tasks. The lines also change color, highlighting when a relevant Sub-Task within the "bracket" is selected. Like most other new features, it's an option that can be toggled if it's not visually useful for you.


As a word of caution: With this particular release, I also spent a lot of time reworking how Tasks are stored internally to make use of a basic spatial arrangement. This should improve efficiency when it comes to calculating Task neighbors and when moving them, but it might come at the cost of stability. I should have gotten all crashes worked out, but just in case, please be sure to save often.



Welp, that's the big stuff. Here's the miscellaneous changelog.

  • (v0.3.1) Hotfix - Fixed a critical issue where projects could not be loaded.
  • Adding a Line Task type. Lines have arrow heads that can be positioned as desired. To make more lines from the same start point, simply copy and paste the line ending.
  • Adding help entry to right-click menu. This loads a tutorial plan to walk through to help learn the program.
  • Adding ability to rearrange the order of Boards by means of the buttons next to the active Board name.
  • Reworked how Tasks are stored internally, which should HOPEFULLY improve efficiency.
  • Default theme for new projects is now always Sunlight.
  • MasterPlan title bar now adds a * when the project has been modified.
  • Autosaving is now indicated at top-right of MasterPlan.
  • MasterPlan now asks for confirmation when destructively changing the current project (save as, new project, load project).
  • Tasks that are copy-pasted are now directly placed where the mouse points, like cutting.
  • Parent Tasks now only count their direct Sub-tasks' completion statuses for completion, not all leaves.
  • Sub-tasks can now be visually bracketed into their parent Task. This option enhances readability at a glance.
  • Board switching shortcuts are now Shift+numbers. More comfortable, sensible defaults.
  • Adding ability to select Tasks in direction from selected Task using arrow keys.
  • Renaming Project Settings > Settings in context menu.
  •  Fix: Repositioning the "<" button for find + replace.
  •  Fix: Can't close Tasks when editing them (was sending wrong message on "X" button press).
  • Fix: Tasks not being numbered properly, after closing a Task.
  • Fix: Cam center no longer depends on window size.
  • Fix: Copying and cutting pastes tasks so the center of all pasted Tasks hits where the mouse cursor is.
  • Fix: Updating excel.ttf to fix ; and : characters being too low. Adding & character as well.
  • Fix: Tasks not being selected on load when they were on save.
  • Fix: New lines can no longer be highlighted in Textbox.
  • Fix: Can't search for timers by their name.
  • Fix: Searchbar now expands as you type.
  • Fix: Project settings options are now more properly spaced.
  • Adding ability to lock Projects. This disables saving after saving once after the option has been enabled. Useful for locking projects in a specific state to ensure they aren't accidentally modified.
  • Fix: Closing task edit window doesn't flip Project.Modified tag / create the opportunity for auto-saving - this was because I was calling task.ReceiveMessage instead of project.SendMessage (which is what ESC was doing on project, so it shouldn't be a huge deal to migrate it to task.go).
  • Fix: Switching between projects should be more efficient now, as resources are now freed from the previous project.
  • Fix: Temporary files created during resource download process weren't being deleted properly.
  • Fix: Pan now defaults to 0,0 for new Projects.
  • Fix: Autosaving now works on fewer actions (just adding tasks, editing tasks, moving tasks, deleting tasks, and changing the project settings). This makes it less of a chore to work with. 
  • Fix: Autosave no longer triggers during load (this was wholly unnecessary). 
  • Fix: Description now has focus when going to edit a Task.
  • MasterPlan now has an icon and is more "app-like" on Mac.



Well, that's about it. As usual, the changelog is also shipped along with MasterPlan in the same directory, so you can take a look there if you're so inclined.

Thanks for following my progress on MasterPlan - hope to keep working on it and get it working nice and smooth. See ya! - SolarLune

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