v0.5.1 - Minor Maps Fixes

Yo, 'sup! Here's a quick update to MasterPlan to fix a few bugs. I also added a grid to the Maps and a cursor indicator for where the mouse is when editing; both of these improvements should make drawing Maps more enjoyable and useful. A very simple, but important, QoL improvement.

Here's a quick change-log, as well.

  • Project lock is now undone when the corresponding setting is unchecked in project settings, not just when the settings panel is actually closed.
  • Adding a grid and a placement indicator to editing MapImages.
  • FIX: Shifting new Map Task crashed MP.
  • FIX: There was a slight lag between panning camera and task position updating (this could have caused a bit of a motion sickness inducing effect when panning previously).
  • FIX: Backups weren't being created on Windows.
  • FIX: Loading resources had the working directory as root for determining the path to the resources, not the project's filepath.
  • FIX: Images weren't loading in with their proper size.


Well, that's it for now. I'll catch you guys later - see ya!


masterplan-linux.zip 6 MB
Version 5 Sep 10, 2020
masterplan-mac.zip 8 MB
Version 5 Sep 10, 2020
masterplan-windows.zip 6 MB
Version 5 Sep 10, 2020

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