v0.6.1 - Fonts, Fixes and Improvements!

Yo, 'sup! It's been awhile, again.

So this was supposed to be a small update, but this turned out pretty hefty after all, haha. Most of the changes are QoL stuff / minor fixes or improvements, but I'll try to iterate through them here.

Customizeable Fonts

It's been awhile yet, but I finally got around to adding customizeable fonts and font sizes to MasterPlan! 

Now you can set a custom font (.ttf or .otf) file from anywhere on your computer for MasterPlan to use. You can also modify the size of the font and GUI text scaling percentage. Note that the UI doesn't really respond to the GUI scaling properly yet, but it's a start, anyway.

Other Stuff

Textboxes have also been reworked to be more reliable, more optimized, and no longer spill their contents outside of the bounds of the boxes. Hurrah~

Progression Tasks now have buttons to adjust their completion right on the overview. Now that I think about it, I forgot to add the ability for Checkbox Tasks to do the same thing. Whoops! That'll be in the next update, I suppose.

Also, per some previous suggestions, MasterPlan can now run and draw at a lower FPS when unfocused, thereby reducing system resources when you're not actively "looking at it".  It defaults to 60 alongside the focused FPS, but can go all the way down to 1. Deadline visualization can also now be customized in stages, so you can have it be as distracting as possible (the way it was before) to completely understated (no visualization except for the deadline text actually in the Task). Both of these settings are tweakable in the settings section, of course.

As for visuals, I'm adding a new theme, as well as tweaking an old one - Cloudy (above, right) is now a bit more mellow and has a lower contrast now, while the new Waves theme (above, left) gives off a nice "electric purple" feel.

Settings Location

MasterPlan's log and settings location have moved! They are no longer in MasterPlan's launch folder, but are now in a user directory like most (?) other apps (this way, your settings are user-specific as opposed to being global).  Both the settings and log file should now be located in the XDG-standard local user configuration directory, as listed below:

C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\MasterPlan.~/Library/Preferences/MasterPlan~/.config/MasterPlan

To transfer your settings, simply launch MasterPlan, close it, and then copy the masterplan-settings file from the launch directory to the newly created configuration directory, renaming it to overwrite the existing settings file.

Finally, MasterPlan now has a Steam store page! If you could wishlist it, that would help me out a bit! Every person who buys MasterPlan here will get a copy of a Steam key for their usage, as well.


In any case, here's the full changelog.

  • Progression Tasks now have buttons to increment and decrement the values (when selected).
  • Broken sound icon updated for enhanced readability.
  • Tasks no longer glow so heavily, as that was making certain themes visually difficult to parse.
  • The theme Cloudy's colors have been tweaked. It is now lower contrast and more blue-tinted, overall.
  • Adding Waves, yet another dark theme.
  • Slightly tweaking checkbox and parent checkbox GUI icons to be more readable at a glance.
  • Adding loading plans from arguments back in. This was previously merged in a PR by @DanielKilgallon on 8/27 (#27), but apparently it got unmerged at some point. I'm re-adding it manually here.
  • Textboxes have been generally and drastically refactored to handle text more reliably and be more optimized in rendering and typing / usage. (Note that there is currently a GPU VRAM-related memory leak with textboxes as they expand, so be mindful of this.)
  • Blinking caret is now visible for 75% of the time, and blinks twice as often (every half-second), rather than 50% of the time, blinking every second.
  • Skipping words and lines with holding Control + arrow keys is now more exact, skipping to the boundaries of words rather than including spaces and necessitating more key presses to skip past those spaces. New lines are still "individualized" (so pressing Control+up skips to the end of the last word on the previous line still, for example).
  • Optimizing Textbox rendering code.
  • Moving between lines in Textbox has been tweaked to be simpler and easier to maintain on my side.
  • Consolidating options into rows for Project settings / tweaking wording.
  • Adding option to pan to mouse pointer when zooming in.
  • Adding button to default keyboard shortcuts.
  • Left click now cancels keyboard shortcut assignment, freeing up Escape as a key to use for assigning shortcuts.
  • Adding two more outer zoom levels.
  • Textboxes now can contain more text than just what fits within the box.
  • Adding option to turn off camera pan smoothing.
  • Adding options to change MasterPlan's font and font size.
  • Removing GUI font, as it's the same as the normal font, just displaying larger
  • Scroll wheel sensitivity raised, maximum is 10.
  • Scrolling panels with mouse wheel is smooth now.
  • Changing Task Type from a drop-down menu to a ButtonGroup for easier selection.
  • Changing how scroll wheel works for scrollbars in Panels - previously, it would scroll by a percentage. Now it scrolls by a set "chunk" size (so smaller lists are scrolled just as easily as larger ones).
  • Adding scroll wheel sensitivity to program settings.
  • Adding a setting for UnfocusedFPS. This allows you to set the target FPS when the window is minimized, hidden, or unfocused. It defaults to 60 FPS and the lowest value is 1.
  • Adding option for Graphical Tasks (like images, whiteboards, or maps) can now be transparent when changing global Task transparency.
  • Adding option for deadline animation, so that it can be as understated or distracting as desired.
  • Clicking on Tasks no longer visually raises them.
  • Logging improvements. Errors should now be logged onscreen. (This could be due to things like not having a valid clipboard tool installed on Linux, for example.)
  • MasterPlan also now prints when it is initialized and exited properly - just this can help to ensure that the log is set up properly and writing. Logging is also cleaned up / less cluttered in case of a crash.
  • MasterPlan now stores its settings and log file in the XDG-standard local user configuration directory. For Linux, this should be ~/.config/MasterPlan, for Mac OS, ~/Library/Preferences/MasterPlan, and for Windows, C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\MasterPlan.
  • Whiteboards can now be inverted.
  • Sliding Tasks should now be a bit more optimized and less CPU-intensive.
  • Notes and other Task types can now extend a list of numberable Tasks.
  • Overall optimizations for textboxes and placing Tasks.
  • FIX: Progression Tasks no longer list subtasks; now only Checkbox Tasks properly "list" sub-tasks.
  • FIX: Textboxes now allow dragging above the textbox to select text at the beginning.
  • FIX: Panels can be dragged offscreen when holding the mouse button down.
  • FIX: Pasting content from external sources no longer shows an error if the item could not be loaded, as that is an acceptable outcome.
  • FIX: Canceling screenshot directory or custom font path setting should not set it to "" (a blank string).
  • FIX: Resizing a Task individually previously didn't trigger the undo system; now this is fixed.
  • FIX: Undo no longer "un-destroys" Tasks when undoing all the way to the beginning of the .
  • FIX: MasterPlan no longer crashes when attempting to remove deleted previously opened plans.
  • FIX: Numberable Tasks now take priority in lists. Previously, either numberable Tasks or other Tasks (like Notes) would take priority, meaning Notes would make Task lists number inconsistently.
  • FIX: WM_CLASS on Linux no longer has the version number. This is achieved by simplifying the window title on creation. It is simply the program name at the beginning.
  • FIX: ProgramSetttings are no longer reset on program start. This was because the Project.ProjectSettingsOpen variable is set to true in case of showing the About Dialog, but then the global settings (like, say, the TargetFPS) isn't set to point to the global ProgramSettings values (this only was done correctly if manually opening the Settings dialog from the right-click menu).
  • FIX: Crash when changing themes on tutorial. This was due to the color switching process for Whiteboards.
  • FIX: Sliding Tasks now works properly for "larger" Tasks that take up more space than a single row (images, Notes). Sliding Tasks in a direction occupied by an existing Task will attempt to have the Tasks swap positions (if the spaces are free).
  • FIX: Adding a duration for repeating keybindings. This also fixes keybindings repeating faster at higher FPS values.
  • FIX: Editing shortcuts (backspace, delete, etc) no longer repeat faster depending on FPS when editing text.
  • FIX: Whiteboards weren't the correct colors on load because the MessageThemeChange message wasn't sent when setting the theme through the ChangeTheme() function.
  • FIX: Can't use the left Super / Apple key on Mac for shortcuts.


Welp, thanks for checking out MasterPlan! I hope to keep up development into 2021, as well.



masterplan-linux-demo.zip 6 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2021
masterplan-linux-release-old(v0.7).zip 6 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2021
masterplan-mac-demo.zip 8 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2021
masterplan-mac-release-old(v0.7).zip 8 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2021
masterplan-windows-demo.zip 7 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2021
masterplan-windows-release-old(v0.7).zip 7 MB
Version 4 Jan 01, 2021

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