v0.7.1 - Quality Of Life / Minor Update

Bugfixes, better IME support, audio fixes, and more.



It's been a bit, but it's time to launch v0.7.1, just in time for the ending of March. Huzzah~! This patch is minor, but still pretty packed full of bugfixes and quality of life improvements. 

You now copy Tasks to your system clipboard as text, which can be pretty useful for those who need to get their project out in a more human-readable format. 

All Tasks except for Whiteboard Tasks should be able to be converted to a textual representation. You can also now paste lines into MasterPlan to automatically create a list of Checkbox Tasks - just copy the text and use the Paste Content option to bring them into MasterPlan. Note that each line has to have "[ ]" at the start - either a "[x]" or a "[o]" can be used to indicate completion.

IME support has been improved as well, meaning non-Latin character entry using input method editors should be more reliable. 

The crackly audio issue should be resolved now as well - I believe the problem was caused by using too low of an audio buffer size internally. Now, it's both higher as a default, as well as customizeable. The sample rate no longer defaults to 22050 on Mac OS, as well (which should be fine, but if not, please let me know).

Also, I'm going to be streaming development again tomorrow morning (Thursday, 4/1/21) at 11AM PDT (which is PST, but one hour ahead with daylight savings time). If you want to come through, feel free to join:

In any case, there's quite a few more fixes and improvements in this update. As always, here's the full changelog:

- Audio samplerate no longer defaults to 22050 hz on Mac OS.

- Adding ability to click on Checkbox Tasks to check them off.

- Adding ability to drag and drop .plan files onto MasterPlan to load them.

- Backup filename format has been tweaked (for example, from "test.plan_bak_3." > "test.plan_bak_03_01_21_15_04").

- Adding customizeable audio sample buffer size. A sample buffer size of 2048 seems to be a good default that should resolve crackly sound for most users. If the sound is crackly, try raising it.

- Adding ability to copy Tasks into the system clipboard to paste as text, with a corresponding option in Settings to disable as desired.

- Adding ability to paste text content list that starts with "[ ]", "[x]", or "[o]" as Checkbox Tasks. Copy text that starts with "[ ]" to copy it in as an incomplete Checkbox; text that starts with "[x]" or "[o]" get copied in as complete.

- Removing Square and Star numbering sequences for now, to try to move over to pure letters / unicode characters for text-related rendering to make spacing simpler, rather than having icons in there, too (or, this could be, ideally, revisited again with better-looking icons).

- Settings > Global menu is now categorized to make things a bit easier to find.

- Added shortcuts to add or delete columns and rows. Shift+Enter goes to the previous column or row, Enter goes to the next one. If the last column or row is highlighted, Enter will create a new one. Pressing backspace when a column or row's name is empty will delete it.

- Warning messages that appear at the top-left are now yellow.

- Adding double-clicking sensitivity option in Settings.

- Underlined text in panels are now a bit visually nicer, being slightly thicker, wider, and fading out on the edges.

- Other minor visual fixes.

- FIX: Multi-character entry with IMEs (like typing multiple characters / kanji in Japanese) should work correctly now; previously, only the first character was entered.

- FIX: Sound streams are properly resampled now when changing project sampler settings.

- CHANGE: Audio settings (sample rate and volume) are now global, not per-Project, and are available in the Global section of the settings menu. The Audio section is now removed.

- FIX: Saving no longer stutters slightly, making Project Auto-save usable again.

- FIX: MasterPlan warns you when you haven't saved the project and have Auto-Save enabled.

- FIX: MasterPlan warns you when you try to exit or load a new project, and Auto-Save isn't working (for the above reason).

- FIX: Stopwatches are now able to be started again; previously, they couldn't be started under certain circumstances.

- FIX: Stopwatches can now be reset again.

- FIX: Files with upper-case extensions (i.e. JPG instead of jpg) weren't visible on Linux when attempting to load images or sounds from disk.

- FIX: Textboxes now update if the font changes.

- FIX: Checkbox / Progression / Note / Sound / Timer Tasks now properly recalculate their size when the font or font size changes.

- FIX: Task-specific shortcuts should now only work when the project is in a neutral state (search textbox not focused, task isn't being edited, etc). This means it's not possible to, say, complete a Checkbox while a Panel is open.

- FIX: URL buttons appear when the project is in neutral state only.

- FIX: Textboxes are now more properly aligned horizontally.

- FIX: Lines from Line tasks now always display, not just if both the base and the end are visible.

- FIX: Overdue Tasks no longer skip a day around Daylight Savings Time starting.

- FIX: Time until Daily Timer goes off is no longer incorrect around DST.

- FIX: Messages that are spawned by processes that take some time (i.e. when using Save Project As...) now properly show up. Internally, this is because messages now fade out over by ideal delta frame-time, rather than fading by the system clock.

- FIX: Text pasted into MasterPlan on Windows no longer adds an underscore on every line.

- FIX: It's not longer possible to paste a Line base that has been deleted after copying. (This created an orphaned base.)

- FIX: Pasting a Line ending that was deleted after copying now no longer creates an orphaned arrow.

- FIX: Double-clicking no longer triggers if the two clicks are on different objects. For example, clicking once on a Task and then on the background no longer registers as a double-click on the background.

- FIX: Double-clicking is now slightly easier by default (0.33 seconds > 0.5 seconds).


Again, thanks a lot for your support; I really do appreciate it, and wish to continue development on MasterPlan moving forward. Please do let me know if you run into any issues or would like to leave feedback, and I would greatly appreciate any reviews you can leave for it. If you wish to join the Discord for MasterPlan you can do so here:

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cepcpfV

See you guys later!


masterplan-linux-demo.zip 6 MB
Version 12 Apr 01, 2021
masterplan-linux-release-old(v0.7).zip 6 MB
Version 12 Apr 01, 2021
masterplan-mac-demo.zip 8 MB
Version 12 Apr 01, 2021
masterplan-mac-release-old(v0.7).zip 8 MB
Version 12 Apr 01, 2021
masterplan-windows-demo.zip 7 MB
Version 12 Apr 01, 2021
masterplan-windows-release-old(v0.7).zip 7 MB
Version 12 Apr 01, 2021

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