$15 > $18 Increase On 5/24/21


Just wanted to write a quick news post - MasterPlan will be increasing in price, from $15 to $18, starting on 5/24/21. If you wanted to grab MasterPlan when it's a smidge cheaper, do so before then~! Of course, the source remains up on GitHub for those savvy with building things with Go.

In other news, the v0.8 rewrite is going well - I'm making progress and figuring out the design language of the new UI. I'm also solving some of the issues I've received in the past. I hope to see v0.8 looking functional soon!

I'm also going to be streaming development on MasterPlan again today at 2PM PDT - come through if you have a few minutes!

Thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement! I believe that MasterPlan will become better than ever given enough time, and become an indispensable tool to motivation. 

- SolarLune

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