20% Off Summer Sale and 0.8 Preview Video!


It's been awhile since my last post here - how's everything been going? 

The last update I posted, I mentioned that I was working on rewriting the entire application from scratch. So, here's an update devlog video that shows how v0.8 is coming along:

I hope to essentially improve every part of MasterPlan as it currently exists - the look, the workflow, and the overall polish level. Of course, there's a lot that remains to be done, still - I was hoping to achieve a release by June 2021, but it'll have to be pushed back (of course), for the near future, instead. I'll keep posting updates regarding my development progress as things go along.


Also, MasterPlan is on sale for 20% off for the summer sale! It ends on 7/8/21. If you want to grab it for cheap, now's a great time! Otherwise, feel free to grab a copy for friends or colleagues. 

In any case, thank you very much for the support! I do, indeed, appreciate it. Thanks!

- SolarLune

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I’m excited to try out the new release. I like how much easier it looks to add new tasks. One of my biggest gripes with the earlier versions.

Keep up the good work!