v0.8.0 Alpha 3 Release!

The One Where the Text Isn't Thrashed

Yo, 'sup!

It's been almost three weeks since the last update - apologies for letting time get away from me!

I've been cracking away on both MasterPlan, and a cool 3D software renderer that I've written from scratch in Golang named Tetra3d - check it out if you want something slow (but useable) and jank (and awesome), lol

In any case, here's MasterPlan v0.8.0 Alpha 3! This one is a bit of a minor update, but it's kind of important because I've finally gotten the text to not be so manky on the edges. Huzzah!

I definitely spent hours over the past few months trying to figure out why the text looked so bad. As it turns out, it was just a single line of code that was doing something I hadn't considered. Just change a couple of numbers and the text doesn't look thrashed anymore.

That's coding, I guess, haha. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Other than that, this update just has some fixes / optimizations and quality of life improvements, like searchable keybindings and the old Load Recent menu (so you can easily access recently loaded projects). Anyway, here's the full change-log:

  • Double-click settings (save previous task type, double-click to create a card) have been combined into a single dropdown.
  • Adding option to search for keybindings.
  • Adding confirmation dialog on creation of new project or on project load if the current project has been modified.
  • RE-IMPLEMENTATION: Saving a project now also saves the camera location and zoom level.
  • RE-IMPLEMENTATION: Adding project name and "MODIFIED" status to titlebar. The modified status is set when something in the project changes that necessitates the creation of an undo state.
  • RE-IMPLEMENTATION: Adding "Load Recent..." menu to easily access previously loaded projects. The maximum number is 10 (this is arbitrary).
  • FIX: Lines between cards that are directly next to each other no longer glitch out and point to the top-left infinitely.
  • FIX: Text on cards no longer looks trashy on the edges for some characters.
  • FIX: Undoing no longer deselects the current tool for Maps.
  • FIX: You can no longer partially undo the loading of a project (i.e. undo right after loading).
  • FIX: Lines from Cards that have no color (like from images) now have black outlines.
  • FIX: You can now more easily click on line endings or nodes that are on top of Cards.
  • CHANGE: Line arrowheads are now colored instead of white.
  • FIX: You no longer accidentally click on something in the background by clicking on a button in a menu that then closes.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Cards no longer attempt to render if offscreen.
  • Rewording some shortcuts.


Anyway, that's about it this time. Thanks a lot - hope to have something more substantial for the next one~

- SOLVRLUNE (we're in 2021, so everything has to be like this now, sorry, it's the rules)


masterplan-linux-amd64-release.zip 5 MB
Version 4 Nov 20, 2021
masterplan-macos-amd64-release.zip 5 MB
Version 4 Nov 20, 2021
masterplan-windows-amd64-release.zip 8 MB
Version 4 Nov 20, 2021

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